7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie Review

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According to a 2012 study by the American Diabetes Association, nearly 30 million people were suffering from diabetes in our country. The majority of the statistic was Type 2 diabetes that is mostly seen in adults. Unfortunately, the same study quoted that nearly that many people have undiagnosed diabetes. With pandemic proportions such as these, no wonder there is a plethora of books and articles about the disease.

If you suffer from diabetes, you have probably read your share of diabetic studies and have thought about the perennial wonder treatments in the media. Since you may have experienced disappointment with information and treatments in the past, you might be cynical about yet another book.

Who is Max Sidorov?

Enter Max Sidorov and his new book, “7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie”. Before you pass it off as another crackpot health book, you may be interested in some of the solid science and study that is presented in the book. Sidorov studied kinesiology and is the founder of Golden Harvest Organics. His experience and interests also include writing about nutrition and fitness. After working with diabetics and completing some extensive research with his team of medical experts, he published the diabetic breakthrough in a book of over 500 pages.

How 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie Work?

According to the Max Sidorov’s breakthrough book, medical experts have always known that they could reverse diabetes. Additionally, Sidorov suggests that people may have the ability to eliminate their Type 2 diabetes in as little as three weeks. All this is possible without insulin therapy and other medications, says the book.

This author is convinced that certain studies have shown that people do not have to suffer from the ill effects of Type 2 diabetes, such as neuropathy and the threats of amputations and kidney failure. If you go to the official website of the Max Sidorov diabetes cure, you can actually read two of the actual studies that the author cites.

The premise of the diabetes breakthrough is based on insulin resistance. He explains that a molecule called LTB4 can invade your body and cause inflammation in the whole body, which also produces insulin resistance. As a result, the sugar level in your blood rises and you experience classical symptoms associated with Type 2 diabetes. This is part of his seven steps to health that helps get rid of this inflammation.

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What is inside the Book?

The 7 Steps to Health basically outlines 20 chapters of some of the reasons people suffer from diabetic symptoms and how they can easily be reversed. Of course, the book addresses the alarming rate of obesity in our nation and how sugar, refined flour, and overly-processed junk food have contributed to it. Sidorov explains that these health hazards can make you vulnerable to the LTB4 and the resulting systematic inflammation.

1. Avoid Eating Diet Foods

It stands to reason that eating diet foods would counteract all of this sugar rush. Ironically, states the book, it does just the opposite. The Max Sidorov diabetes cure produces evidence that suggests that artificial sweeteners, diet sodas, and margarine can just make you fatter and more susceptible to diabetic symptoms. They do a lot to unbalance your blood sugar levels. In one chapter, the author opines that dairy products are ultimately bad for us and suggests better alternatives (i.e. almond milk products).

2. Healthy Fats Vs. Unhealthy Ones

Have you seen the commercials that tout energy bars and their benefit for weight loss and blood sugar stability? Sidorov explains the reasons why they do not work and can actually hurt more than help. A portion of the book discusses healthy fats versus unhealthy ones. The author reviews the benefits of the good Omega 3 fats that are found in fish and certain whole foods. In the diabetes breakthrough, Sidorov even discusses a common spice in your kitchen that can boost your glucose metabolism up to 20 times, claims the book.

3. Let Food be Your Medicine

Hippocrates probably had a valid point when he encouraged his patients to let food be their medicine. While on the subject of foods, Sidorov and his team did some research on different types of food that naturally boost the body’s immune system and help stabilize glucose levels. The book says that some of these foods are more beneficial than some of the prominent diabetic medications. There are also different types of foods and drinks that the book suggests you limit or completely eliminate from your diet.

4. Eliminating Problematic Foods

One of the symptoms of a suppressed immune system is inflammation in different parts of the body. So if your immune system is out of balance—according to the book—you could be suffering from the inflammation that could cause diabetes. Eliminate these problematic foods, and the book says you could see a difference in your diabetic symptoms.

5. Diabetic Medications

Another alarming subject that the book covers is the diabetic medications themselves. Traditionally, there has been no treatment or cure for Type 2 diabetes. The plethora of drugs available will treat the symptoms for a while; however, history shows that patients build up an immunity and may need stronger doses. Often, these unfortunate people may be taking insulin therapy in addition to these drugs.

6. Side Effects of Prescription Medications

You may be taking prescription medications for your Type 2 diabetes. Of course, you should never alter your doses or quit taking any medication without the direction of your health care provider. Sidorov cites examples of some of the more popular diabetic prescriptions. You may be shocked when you read that most of their side effects may be worse than diabetes itself. Some of these dangerous side effects may include increased cancer risk, high blood pressure, and the possibility of amputations, stroke, coma, or death.

7. The Alleged Big Conspiracy

The big diabetes lie that the book reveals is an alleged conspiracy by the big pharmaceutical companies to thwart natural diabetes cures. Sidorov and his colleagues make several allegations that these companies would rather rake in mammoth profits from their harmful drugs than to let people be cured easily, naturally, and inexpensively. It is a whole government conspiracy that can only be suggested and not proven. It is up to you, as the reader, to decide how much of the big lie you want to believe.

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File Format:

7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie program is a digital product and can be downloaded instantly after purchase in PDF (ebook) format or viewed online.

The 7 Steps to Health eBook is compatible with desktop and laptop computers, iPhones, iPads, and virtually any tablet, smart phone, or other device that has PDF viewing capabilities.

Product Cost: $37.00 USD, one-time payment

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Where To Learn More: Continue reading more posts on this page or visit the official website to watch Max Sidorov’s 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie video.

Free Preview PDF Sample of 7 Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie eBook

Here’s the 7 Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie eBook free PDF download (small part of the eBook). You can download it from my Dropbox account. The introduction manual is quite detailed and you will get the idea about quality and effectiveness of the program.

What I Liked? (Pros)

Some of the positive aspects of “The 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie” is that it is easy to read and uses layman’s terms for most of the information provided. It has a lot of beneficial information about nutrition and how it affects your health. You can also read case studies in this book about how quickly the program helped some people.

Some of these readers offer testimonials of normalized blood sugar levels in as little as a week (results probably not typical). Most of them saw a reduction or complete elimination of Type 2 diabetic symptoms. So much so, that their doctors were able to wean them off of their diabetic medications and insulin therapy.

What’s Negative? (Cons)

You can only find this publication of Max Sidorov 7 steps to health on the Internet by ordering a hard copy or an e-book. Some buyers have commented that the book was a bit pricey; however, most claimed that the valuable information was worth it.

For Unsatisfied Customers

Another positive reason to buy the book is that it has a 60-day guarantee. If you get the book and do not see the results it claims, you can return it and get your money back—no questions asked. With such a guarantee, you really would not have anything to lose by trying it.


As Max Sidorov 7 steps to health would recommend, you should never go on any type of health regimen or change your medications without guidance from your physician. If you are tired of taking questionable diabetic drugs and are sick of the insulin needles and daily blood checks, this book may help you. While you may not buy into a lot of the big drug company conspiracy theories that lace the book, there could still be a wealth of information that you can use. Max Sidorov and seven steps to health can benefit readers and may be the answer to reverse diabetes.

Do you want to give it a try? The book can be downloaded from the official website after one time secure payment of $37.

I hope that you would’ve found my “7 Steps to Health and Big Diabetes Lie Review” useful.