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If you are passionate about decorating your home, woodworking or any other similar DIY projects then you are aware of the fact that how difficult this task is. Yes, it is fun to do if you love doing it but it indeed is a lot harder than it looks. This task gets even more difficult when you lack the necessary tools and have to do it all by yourself. As soon as you start working on such a project you realize the need of some magical tool and that’s where the DIY smart saw comes into play!


What Is The DIY Smart Saw?


Contrary to the name and perception made from the advertisements of this product the “DIY Smart Saw” isn’t actually a tool itself. It’s an e-book or more like an extensive guide that teaches you how to build your own CNC machine which, Alex Grayson, the creator of this guide, likes to call as the smart saw.

With the help of this smart saw, you are able to customize almost any woodworking design as well as formulate new designs in reality with the push of a button.

That’s what this product claims to deliver and you will get to know if it can actually or potentially deliver this by the time you finish reading this review.

Sounds Interesting…But What’s A CNC Machine Or The So-Called Smart Saw?

That’s a fair question to ask and I bet most of you will have it in mind if you aren’t already aware of this term. A CNC machine stands for a computer numerical control machine. This means that just by entering a few numbers (mostly dimensions) in this machine it will start making cuttings and curves into wood (or any other similar material) based on the specifications thus provided.

Since the whole process is computerized and automatic there’s literally no chance of errors which enables it to deliver 100% clean and accurate results in the end.

Now, the DIY smart saw isn’t the first CNC machine to be seen in the market. What’s interesting is the price at which it claims to actually formulate this machine.

Normally, a good CNC machine costs around 10,000$ but with the help of this specific guide, you can make your own in as less as 500$. CNC machines are widely used by many professionals and big companies who are specifically into woodworking. That is because it delivers almost 100% accuracy levels and can provide up to 20 times faster production rate than manual efforts.

You will probably be wondering how does a machine that costs thousands of dollars can be made at such a low cost and too by our own selves? Well, that’s what magical about this guide.

Alex shares his own tested methods and ways to build your own CNC machine using some easily available general tools such as a hammer, tubular wrench, screwdriver etc.

However, if you are into sophistication then this guide might not stand up to your expectations. In such a case it’s probably the best to stick to a factory made CNC machine.

Okay…How Do I Build Up My Smart Saw?

The best thing about this product is its simplification. Alex has simplified each and everything by giving a nice attention towards the structure of the product and how the information is delivered to the end user.

In order to get started with building your own smart saw you will be needing to perform the following steps:

  • Go through the introductory information provided in the product and begin collecting the basic set of tools as described.


  • By following the step by step instructions and video you need to get all the materials required for building the CNC machine as well as you need to start building your own by following the same instructions and videos.


  • By nature, CNC machines work with computers. Therefore, you will be required to connect your smart saw with your computer or laptop using a data cable.


  • After connecting it to your computer you will need to upload your custom designs into the machine so that it can start working on it.


  • On finishing up you will just need to begin the process by the push of a button and the rest will be handled by the CNC machine itself. It’s as simple as that!

What’s A Brief Overview On The Pros And Cons Of This Product?

Just like any other product this one also has some advantages as well as disadvantages. After all, it isn’t that magical as nothing actually is.


  1. Detailed instructions are provided in the guide that are easy to follow as well as realistic. The actual course is loaded with various tips and tricks along the way which takes it to a whole new level. Furthermore, the techniques in the guide also reveal some techniques to fix up the mistakes (if made) on the spot instead of bringing down the whole project and starting up from scratch.
  2. Almost each and every design can be carved out using the smart saw.
  3. The CNC machine that is created using the guide is compatible with all type of computers as well as laptops. It doesn’t matter what sort of operating system you are using.
  4. Using the smart saw isn’t so hard and it provides a great potential for scaling handcrafted designs with minimal risks of errors via automation which is a big plus for decorators and woodworkers. Setting up your own commercial business using this saw may also be possible if necessary efforts are put in.
  5. It’s perfectly fit for those who are on a tight budget and the 60-day money back guarantee makes it a total steal.


  1. Instead of being an actual tool the DIY smart saw is only a guide which shows you a way to make the tool.
  2. Repetitive view of videos and instructions is necessary to make the tool as well as to minimize the risk of errors.
  3. Commitment and dedication to make the tools, as well as the designs, is necessary. Without continuous efforts and actions from your side, this tool will not work. So, it’s not completely automated.


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