Of The Most Expensive Private Islands in the World!

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[tps_header]Sometimes, you just want to get away from it all… Especially if evading reality entails sailing off into the sunset on a luxurious, fully equipped yacht and heading for a stunning desert island. And we’re not talking about the kind upon which Jack Sparrow was marooned. We have listed the most expensive islands to rent – the ones that will put you in the lap of luxury, with everything you could possibly desire at your fingertips. Wouldn’t you just love to disconnect from your phone, emails and social media just to idle away on a pristine beach with the sea gently lapping at the shore? If money really is no object (and we really mean if) here are some getaway islands for you to consider, for your next chill-out break!


[tps_title]Velaa Private Island, the Maldives – $1.8 million[/tps_title]

Located in the South Asian country in the Indian Ocean, Velaa Private Island is owned by Czech billionaire Jiri Smejc and is quite possibly the most luxurious resort in the Maldives. In addition to its white-sandy beaches and crystalline blue waters, Velaa Private Island houses a gym, a My Blend by Clarins spa and an impressive range of leisure facilities, which include squash and tennis courts, a climbing wall and a golf academy.

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