Top 10 Best Soup Recipes

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The kitchen is where the heart of our home beats. Food brings people together: Sunday dinner, family gatherings, friends getting together, parties. Whatever the occasion, we love gathering in the kitchen to cook. Granted my husband’s job is taste testing and my daughter spills more ingredients than she gets in the bowl, but it is all about making memories.

Comfort food doesn’t have to be complicated and should be bursting with flavor. Every year our readers flock to our site looking for the best soups and stews out there to make in their own kitchen. We have compiled our list for you.  Here are the Top 10 ALL Time “Best Soup Recipes”.


[tps_title]25 Minute Bacon Beer Cheese Soup with Chicken[/tps_title]


25 Minute Bacon Beer Cheese Soup with Chicken is our #1 all time most popular recipe from BACON.BEER.CHEESE ready in 25 minutes. It is thick and creamy, amazingly cheesy with just the perfect spices to make your taste buds stand at attention.


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